Monday, 11 November 2013


Today is Remembrance day and we mark this day by not forgetting that real heroes are often dead. What is truly unforgettable is the sacrifice that was made so that we live in a freer world. A world in which our spirits can rise and motivate others .

Of course, these freedoms are not enjoyed everywhere but we can take our pocketfuls of inspiration and scatter them so that hope can rise from the dust and rubble.

Remembrance is a double edged sword as it is bitter sweet. We want to remember but we also long to forget. Forget the pain of longing and the pangs of envy we experience when we want to reach for our loved one and when we find ourselves alone and gazing at couples holding hands, strolling nonchalantly through the autumn leaves.
Would we not give away nearly all of our worldy possessions to fill our empty hearts?

There’s a yearning in us for something more. Something that has been lost or something never found. We’ve not found our heart’s calling in physical form. We’re people of many talents, writing, painting, dancing, singing, sculpting and building our dream home but we can’t find a dream to keep in our homes. Sometimes when we thought we’d found the dream… turned into a quiet nightmare.

There something we want but can’t quite articulate. Love…..yes….we’d like some….but where should we look? And if there’s risk attached to love and we get the short straw then we have to start all over again.

We believe love to be elusive that we chase it like dogs chasing after their own tails.
It is there….it has never changed addresses….but we can’t always live happily ever after with it.

Remembrance is complicated.

We remember the good stuff and paper over the cracks of the bad. Or we forget the good and remember all the bad. In remembering the way we were we develop amnesia and can’t fathom how we ended up with next to nothing to show for it. We discharge our memory banks to some kind of mental distillery and a whole heap of distortions and half-truths are the result.

If only our memories could be wiped then we really could make a fresh start but we’re held back. Remembrance gives and takes. It provides gratitude for what has been an amazing lesson in love, albeit, through hard times and it takes away pride when egos become severely dented by a timely wake-up call.

Remembrance is many things to many people.
Our greatest sadness stems from our greatest blessings as love and laughter may be found in the most hellish place.

The most important thing to remember is yourself.

You are an incredible gift, a work in progress, a lump of clay and the mark you make is never forgotten.



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