Saturday, 15 January 2011

Too Human Planet

The new BBC 2 series "Human Planet" reveals that humans are the most adaptable creatures on the earth. No matter how austere the physical landscape - from the South Pacific to the South Pole - humans  adapt and thrive. Our survival instinct is so strong that we fight against all the odds and, quite often, succeed.

However, there is a dark side. This great skill of adaptability is misused as we succumb to the negative.
 Our weak wills lead us into the paths of tyrants and, true to our nature, we adapt and so become marginalised. Ruthless control freaks disguised as employers, neighbours, mothers-in-law, husbands and even our much adored offspring wreak all manner of abuse upon us......and what do we do?
Do we rebuke them and demand respect? Do we assert ourselves and erect boundaries?
NO....mostly we do none of these things.....we remain silent, hurt and making a good job of pretending that it doesn't matter. Sadly our broken spirits our testimony to this subtle and not so subtle abuse.

 We make prisons of our lives and claim that we're powerless to escape or choose something different - this is how adaptable we are!!!  Many of us have forgotten the dream or believe that it'll never come true.
Global Village
We become conservative and despondent. We accept whatever doom and gloom is foisted upon us by the visual media culture. 

We need to re-connnect with our inner selves and listen to the voice within. Great men and women have always followed their hearts and shut out the negative babble of the "real world". Being real means harnessing our personal power and using it wisely. Let's look up to the best role models that we know - us - let's raise the bar and "adapt" to the best in us.



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