Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sole Mate

A hunk of burning love!
The idea of a soul mate is well documented; so much has been written about their existence that we have come to believe that there is someone for everyone...."who knows how to love you without being told".

My opinion is that a soul mate is tied into the fantasy of romance and serves a purpose as much needed escapism from the mundanities of our daily lives.

Everyone must have one.....a romantic fantasy....but whether this can be personified as a soul mate is another matter altogether. Every idol has clay feet and any hero can have a zero day.

Spend time with your spirit
If you accept that you are your best friend and (sometimes) hero then it's very unlikely that you'll  be waiting for that special other to appear. People who seek within (and without) for a deeper connection with spirit do not get distracted with sifting through the crowd.

People may become attracted to you for your unique qualities and you may access another's heart but there must be spaces in between for healthy growth of the soul. Some souls are impoverished, some souls are in transition and some are fully enlightened. The latter do not need  a soul mate but others will find a soul mate in them.

On my personal journey, I am a sole mate. I'm not ready to carry any passengers. I haven't met my equal soul but......just like the rest of you.....I'll keep dreaming and wishing.



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