Wednesday, 9 February 2011

When the student is ready......

You've no doubt come across that famous phrase...when the student is ready the teacher will appear.... and I are one
On my spiritual highway, which has taken me on quite a few wild goose chases and dead ends, my teachers appeared in the most unlikeliest of guises.

Many of them have been unstable, eccentric and downright nasty individuals. None of them were particularly inspiring or noble beings and I'd even go far as calling them the unfriendliest of souls. Nonetheless, during my formative years (and I didn't really mature until the age of 40!!) they played a pivotal part in my spiritual development.

They taught me the art of gritting my teeth, the art of smiling when my heart was breaking and the art of staying calm under the most trying of circumstances. Thanks to them I've been on an accelerated spiritual development programme and, after mastering the art of forgiveness, I've finally graduated.
I've left them all behind and turned inward to the greatest teacher - my soul.

My feeling is that the teacher and the student are one. When the teacher in us is ready the lesson is imparted and when the student in us is ready the lesson is absorbed.



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