Monday, 9 May 2011


Flight to freedom
A birth is always a cause for celebration. Birth symbolises life and a new soul. The day of your birth is so important that we continue to commemorate it year after year until our demise.  If only we truly understood that our day of departure from this life – our death day – should also be a jubilant celebration. After all it is the day when we enter into the life of spirit and mingle with the celestial bodies that are waiting for us on the other side.
Our deathday is hidden amongst the 52 weeks and 12 months of our calendar days. Each year we pass it and have no clue as to its significance.  That’s why it’s important to value each day as a fresh start. Death is the fresh start we seek when our bodies and minds have become tired and worn.
 For some of us, life has meant that we’ve been going around in cricles…doing the same things and expecting different results each time. On earth we have struggled with change, not faced our fears, been too nice, not had enough self-respect , endured a whole, heap of abuse by allowing others to trample over our dreams. Oh yes – this earthly school has had a long initiation process and felt like a long, winding road with bandits at every corner. So when we finally get to graduate (at death) we’re terrified!

Sunset of our life

The discomfort we associate with death Is mostly to do with our loss of innocence. We’re no longer the soft, cute, bouncing bundles in our birthday suits! At the final curtain call, our birthday suits are in a state of disrepair, in need of pressing and with teeth, hair and brain cells missing – a sorry sight indeed.  It’s reassuring that our bodies will have no place in the world of spirit – thank God – only our minds shall prevail and boy…do those need some renovation?!
It’s no secret when we observe the world around us that we have neglected the precious resource of our mind. Mental pollution is at a dangerous level and it’s not easy to dump the accumulated toxins. During our lives we certainly experience the consequences of the mental and emotional neglect – we are less compassionate and more judgemental. 

We have built beautiful homes to house our bodies and those of our loved ones but we have not managed to create a home in their hearts. Through technology we have achieved the ability to communicate with anyone in any part of the world but we have no time to listen to our heart’s calling.
On our death day we are going home; the home that we have sought all our lives – a place of true comfort and safety. No one can hurt us there and it will be a place of revelation. We’ll finally understand where we went wrong and those of us who are believers in reincarnation may be able to return….. not to repeat all the bad karma but to improve it.
Life is everlasting through birthdays and deathdays and it’s unmissable!



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