Monday, 16 May 2011

Stressful barrier method

Raw deal for the body
In the challenge to find new and effective forms of contraception I have stumbled across one that will no doubt cause the birth rate to fall in the brave, new century. 

I am reliably informed by a friend that her daughters regularly go to bed with their laptops.  Another person has advised me that his son is “married” to the computer and the only “woman” worth staring at is one on a screen. Well, that’s a blow to hot flesh and red blood but the opposite sex seem only to be attractive in high definition and 50k megapixels. 
Love in the 21st century
I’m old-fashioned I guess but I still believe that pro-creation is a thing of privacy between two consenting  adults. People of science might say it involves sperm and an egg meeting in a testube –  that’s romance in the 21st century! 

 Yes, it’s definitely all change and Microsoft may just be responsible for a new method of contraception.
Its well documented that desktops, laptops, blackberrys, i/pads/pods, televisions and mobile phones all emit radiation according to the size and power of the gadget. In the technological jungle of daily living we swing  through any or all of these appliances. Many of us simply can’t function without them and anyone under 30 can't recall an electro-magnetic stress free world. 

Thankfully, I do and sometimes find myself nostalgic about times when people just didn’t want to “update their status” to 536 friends online and used pen and paper to keep in touch. Telephone calls and television schedules never interrupted family mealtimes. Now we consider ourselves lucky if we see and talk to our children rather than share a meal with them.
Children of the future
Oh dear….so this is progress and leads me onto the point of my blog style rant. I am the generation of parents who will be privileged to have grandchildren. This will not be for want of my children seeking to get in touch with their procreative parts but for the fact that these parts may not be in good working order.

Exposing your vitals to radiation is hardly the best way of keeping them in a pristine condition. Sleeping with your laptop (usually switched on) is like sleeping with the enemy of your endocrine system. There’s no telling what chemical havoc is being wreaked by this electromagnetic exposure. Testosterone that produces sperm and oestrogen that is responsible for the successful fertilisation of the egg may be compromised and will render natural conception impossible.
Infertility is a real concern for the next generation. IVF will address some of these issues but all the fun will be removed. Anyone who has undergone an IVF programme will tell you that it is an arduous process. 

Electromagnetic prison
The causes of infertility points towards the not so humble laptop. If young people are eating and sleeping with them their innards must be paying the price. I hope this will serve as a warning (especially to my children) that nothing clutters up the mind and body as the unhealthy sharings of “friends” on Facebook and other social networking sites.
My advice:  ditch the pods, bazooka the blackberry , unplug the laptop and take time to feel the sunshine and smell the roses. Keep your senses alive and treat your body with respect without the dull, whirr of electricity.



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