Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Be one of the light minded
Awareness is a reality check -  the first step towards enlightenment and how disturbing  that is. Becoming aware means putting yourself and the world under scrutiny.  After all, awareness is concentrated thought which involves the usage of a 100% of our grey matter.  This makes us painfully aware of the lack or need for greater spiritual progress.
In the 21st century, people have heightened awareness in part due to the high information diet that we feed on daily. Social structures are more fluid and therefore boundaries not easily discerned. The breakdown of a society usually provides the impetus to create it anew and that is often as a result of awareness.  The dichotomies of relationship are exposed in the light of refreshed awareness.
Awareness forces us to be analytical about our beliefs and behaviour and often we have to engage in a process of unlearning in order to move forward. The values of our parents and our ancestors no longer have the same relevance.  Becoming aware is to question deeply and to seek answers that may shake our very foundations.  Just as God asked Samson to use his super-human strength to destroy the temple so must we eradicate the attitudes that no longer serve us. Most of our thinking is second-hand; we are passive processors of information from the media and the authority figures around us. Unadulterated thinking begets awareness and this is rare.
It’s not easy to disable the support systems that lead to enhanced thinking. We reject awareness since it is unknown territory and many of us are not adventurous enough to embark on such a quest.
I think, therefore I am
When we decide the throw off the yoke of consumerism and hype then there is a chance for enlightenment…..until then….let’s be aware that we wear the mask of ignorance  and that wisdom comes gently.



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