Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blogdom…where size matters

Cyberspace provides a wide, clean slate for bloggers. We can blog to our hearts’ content, for money, for love and until the cows come home.  To blog, you don’t need to shower, shave, dress up, brush your hair (or even teeth!), put your shoes on, pack your keys, purse or phone. You can do it in pajamas, a tiara, muddy boots  or in the altogether!

The only thing necessary is your mind and that can be tricky. The mind is for the most part unknown and under-used.  A mind is as vast as the ocean; powerful as a whole and weak if regarded as a little droplet.  

Our mental  rhythms are like waves, they ebb and flow according to our mindsets  and moods. Some minds are deep as a cave, some fresh as a mountain spring, some polluted as ditchwater , some venomous as the serpent’s tongue, some are damaged by anger and some are empty and make a lot of noise!

Hold that thought 
Blogging is the process of airing our thoughts. We convert the little abstract cogs into words and pictures. The recipients are the viewing cyber community who are made up of fellow bloggers, surfers, voyeurs etc.  Some blogs attract large followings especially  the ones on personal finance which makes me believe that money is important.  But is it more valuable than relationships? Methinks the blogging world has made it so.

Object obsession has now spilled over into the virtual world. The web is flooded with images to entice. Dreaming of shimmering sands and crushed sapphire seas or that snappy designer handbag that is going to set off your outfit perfectly…well now you can own them both! 

The latest social media sharing is Pinterest. It’s a method for creating a vision board by pinning a selection of images from a few of your favourite things. Great for those who want to make their passions and interests a reality…someday…in some way.

The objective of blogging is to share, inform, excite and calm. All opinions  are noteworthy. Size matters when it comes to blogs and the egos behind it.  Blogging is simplicity itself but people overcomplicate it. They start to compete and believe that they’ve hit upon the secret formula for attracting more readers. Monetising and dramatizing your day-today thoughts is the way to go.

I just gave birth to a blog
Bloggers write about a number of intriguing topics :living in one room, de-cluttering a cupboard, cleaning their car, divorcing their spouse, having too much money (I kid you not), having a retirement and emergency fund, yard sales, having a house that’s too big, a roof that doesn’t leak, choosing to have books instead of children, caring for a pet, learning a language, the cost of detergent.

Welcome to my world, this is blogging and I love it. Take-aways and freebies can all be found in blogdom though you will find some reluctance to feature guest posts. I approached a fellow blogger to do a guest spot following a post he published : “How I got more readership from doing guest posts.” But I was turned down.

Regular readers of my blog know that I am seeking guest posts but none have been forthcoming. Guess you readers are all shy or private people?

My one question is this: does readership expand the ego?

If you have any thoughts to share, please leave a comment.



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