Monday, 30 March 2015

What are little girls made of?

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In the 21st century, girls are made of less sugar and spice and more of a cup cake with attitude, vicissitude and some gratitude. Little girls are now powerfully made and I'd like my little one to grow up one day to be:

.....wise and sassy, though she shouldn’t get bigger than her Jimmy Choo’s. A good head on strong shoulders just so that everyone knows she means business. Life’s tough enough for a girl in the 21st century – and mine’s born at the tail end of one century and with her destiny to be found in another. She straddles a number of worlds and how she negotiates each one will be where her success (and failure) lies.

The modern woman has a power play role in life’s jungle. Life will pull her in many directions and into differing roles. I have no qualms with that but I’d want her to get past some of the conventions that dog many a career path. Marriage is unnecessary and there’s little security in the male/female coupling any longer – unless she’s extremely lucky. Motherhood is optional and, if she’s not an earth type there’s no need to fret. She can influence the next generation (not as a productionist) in a great many other ways. Procreating ideas and birthing them is a rewarding pursuit and one that I’d wish her to throw herself into whole heartedly.

The pace of her life will be fast and furious. She lives in a disposable society where relationships as much as consumer goods are not built to last. I hope I’ve managed to impart the 3R’s – re-invention, resilience and respect.

Today’s woman is a pioneer. She learns, she believes, she executes  and delivers– her motto will be that of a trail blazer. It’ll be a helluva journey and she’ll need all her emotional intelligence to push through the obstacles. She’s forging a path that future generations will walk on. The road I paved for her is in need of renewal and renovation.

She’ll need the stamina for re-invention -business woman cum adventurer. Motherhood should not cut her off from all other interests and pursuits – if you dream of golden sunsets on far off shores or crocodile hunting in the Florida Keys then take the kids. It’s a must that she follows her dreams no matter how dangerous I think they may be -  white water rafting or swimming with dolphins – may fortune smile down on her but if it doesn’t she’ll soon know what she’s made of. Her wish list doesn’t always have to meet with my approval though we could share the personal trainer!

Image result for woman in a canoeShe’ll be a risk taker, a woman who dares often and wins. Her schedule may be crammed with business and personal commitments but she can’t allow herself to become a corporate cog in anyone’s wheel. Rock solid confidence will smash that glass ceiling dear

 Cultivating independence of mind will enable her to dance to her own tune. It will be challenging on all fronts and she should be prepared to go to war many times to keep her peace.  A resilient spirit will allow her bounce back, up and over. Possessing a tough mind (tougher than most) will be invaluable and a not too tender heart – at least one that doesn’t break easily. Self-respect will be key– a little reverence goes a long way. I’d want her to value herself enough to say no and to say yes to things that deserve merit.

In the financial stakes, she’s got to learn to be part of the solution. The main problem being that when she sees trouble coming she doesn’t have to go on a date with it or even marry it!

She will have earned her degree in Sheconomics – loosely translated as -  taking care of her business before someone else does. Shopaholic tendencies and all things bling could undoubtedly be her Waterloo but she’ll curb those desires once she’s had a meeting with her financial adviser. Savings, Savings, savings shoud be her mantra – saving herself (for someone worthy) and for a rainy day.

Finances are the biggest troublemakers in relationships whether it be with a significant other or housemates. She’ll have to decipher the small print and get herself a PEP, that’s NOT Parties, Excitement and Prada! The shecomonist has a good head for figures and it’s more than counting calories and those curves in the mirror.

Tuning in her to her inner voice and negotiating between choices of the head and her heart will be her life’s work.  Heroic work awaits her and a healthy self-image that attracts the like minded to her will help along the way. I hope she has a supportive group of real friends and confidants (not merely the electronic kind found on social networking sites).

I wish for her mind to be uncluttered; free from unnecessary slavery, at home and elsewhere. Intelligent leisure is where her passions will lie and may lead to a fulfilling source of income. She should know that the best things in life are not cheap. Working hard for them is no crime but not at the expense of her well-being. Taking time out for spiritual growth and for a chance to smell the roses will be refreshment for her soul.

Her life is hers for the making – it won’t be a fairy tale and the happy ending may take a long time. There’ll be frogs to kiss and dragons to slay…but whatever happens I hope she never forgets…that in the end…. a mother is a girl’s best friend!





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