Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Dictator in my soup

"Waiter....waiter...there's a dictator in my soup!"
"Oh yes, it's our special flavouring of the order of the chef."
"I'm allergic to them; they bring out a nasty rash in my soul and leave a bitter taste on the tongue."
"Madam, you are the only customer who's complained so far......the rest of our clientele can't get enough!"
"Who is your chef?"
Fascist soup!
"The former head of CNN."               

What an insatiable appetite there is for the unpalatable. The recent media coverage of the crisis in Libya is a perfect illustration of how a heady diet of carnage (or military action) keeps us on the edge of our seats and with not an indigestion tablet in sight!
After a hard day's work there's nothing better than curling up in front of the box that's spewing up....minute by minute...the bloody scenes of battle....the casualties....the death toll...the reportage keeps us on the edge of our seats.
This is not my idea of relaxation....but I know so many who are so fixated that they have given up on their extra-curricular activities until the dictator has been ousted.

Thankfully, I have no need of a daily fix of "international news". In my youth and beyond, my father drove us children to despair by insisting that he watches every news bulletin that was broadcast....before the days of CNN. My father and people of that ilk look outwards. Media coverage of any international crisis holds them in a their minds they still playcowboys and indians, cops and robbers....and thanks to Sky and CNN...they've got every corner of the globe covered. It's marvellous that we now know what's going on in all the hotspots across the world but we're not sure what's going on in our own homes!

 When I watch the news or get caught up in newsworthy stories I feel as if I've been plunged into the world of crazies.The developing (and developed) world is awash with dictators.....many created with the assistance of Western Democratic governments...oh yes....dictators are created not born.
Dictatorships are recipes for disaster and the potent ingredients of power and greed do not produce a satisfying and heartwarming dish for the masses.

My perspective is inward looking.The media serves its purpose but it over-stimulates and distorts. Enlightened beings avoid coverage that contaminates the soul. In fact, enlightened beings make news but with the intention to uplift and spread a message of light to our news darkened world.

If the cap're it!
 I live in my own that's free from dictators. I immerse myself in the daily triumphs and tribulations of mine and my children's. I stare into their eyes and share their joy and pain. I read books, watch glorious sunsets, rain tumbling down on the earth and boughs weighed down with pink blossoms. This is my sustenance and  all the news I need.



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