Monday, 25 April 2011

The Alpha Male......a dangerous species

100% untamed male

There is usually much debate surrounding the education of women since it appears that it has lagged behind for centuries.Indira Gandhi famously said that the education of women is crucial to the success of a nation. Naturally Mrs Gandhi was acutely aware of this being a woman herself.
To my mind, the education of women has never been an issue.

So macho

My concern is do with the upbringing and management of the Alpha Male  This man is physically strong but emotionally a baby he clings to his mother's breast and later to her apron strings (long after he has left home). His emotional intelligence is neglected and therefore he evolves into a masculine distortion.

An insensitive brute with little empathy for his fellow man and a patronising attutide towards his fellow woman. A poet, painter, philosopher he cannot be. It is this variety of neanderthal male that harbours prejudices and hate so ingrained that all conflicts develop into full blown warfare.

Such men are also doomed to have catastrobefore phic personal relationships. Their egos crush the fresh buds of kindness and gentleness as they struggle to grow towards the light in their hearts. Soon their hearts become choked and toxic from the fumes of their arrogance and contempt that they mete out to their families. As a father and husband this man's behaviour is little more than a prison guard. 

Society supports the alpha male by calling him strong and masterful but anyone in a relationship with him knows that he has failed spectacularly in the art of self-mastery. Beneath the mask of forced geniality, a despot runs free. This is a dangerous member of the human family and how does society contain him?
Proper care and feeding is necessary but it must be tough love and vitamins for the soul. 
Animal rights

This is an individual with arrested development. The finer feelings within his being are starving for the oxygen of love. He has deep seated anger and resentments that require careful management. He is an abuser who has no idea of the emotional destruction he has been the cause of. He vehemently denies that he is responsible for any of the brusied and battered hearts of long suffering family and friends. Basically, the alpha male has no regrets because he couldn't give a s***!

By the law of karma, s*** is what he is destined for. Eventually, he will require or choose isolation. He will have a long time to ponder over the error of his ways in a very hot and hellish place. This is the best medicine and, in the great, celestial, recycling plant, one hopes that he will turn out to be a changed man but I wouldn't hold my breath!



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