Friday, 15 April 2011

Laziness means never having to say you're sorry

Crazy, hazy, lazy and loveable....that's how we think of our men.  Laziness is one of their guilty pleasures.....that soon turn into a pain. Laziness is a human foible.....animals don't suffer with it as it's part of their constitution....they prey and then rest and play!
Tea break anyone?
No one would ever admonish a crocodile "lazing" near the riverbank or the King of the Jungle when he takes his afternoon snooze that can last well into the evening. No one that is except.....Mrs Crocodile and Mrs Lioness!

Deep thinker
A spouse in the human world has a less than easy time! Whilst laziness does not differentiate between the sexes, in my humble experience, the male in his middle years appears to slow down or even give up completely. This can extend to any activity that does not involve sitting down, channel hopping  or surfing the net.

Males lose the will to pursue healthy activity and women passively support their inertia: "he's been working 8 hours how could he possibly have the strength to put out the trash?" He may get ill if I ask him to clean the bathroom?" 

By contrast, women generally do not cease the daily activities that make them worthy of being a wife and mother. I don't know many women who refuse to cook, clean and wash for their families. None that is except my maternal grandmother who only cooked on special occasions in her old age. This was not a satisfactory state of affairs but it forced my grandfather to take up kitchen duties and become more resourceful.

Women have long been the passive homemakers, (working in and out of the home) suffering in silence whilst fulfilling their obligations. That's why the man-woman relationship is failing so spectacularly in the 21st century. Most young women do not want to end up like their mothers - overseeing the pastoral care of a husband and family. This is work...of a man's making.....if he did more then she wouldn't need to and it'd be more of an equal partnership.

Have you noticed that no spouse or partner is ever apologetic about their lethargy. Many of these traits are inherited and ingrained in them. "My father never washed, ccoked or cleaned; why should I?" Some do it as a fashion; lazy is the new creative.

The bottom line is that no one is ever sorry that the lawn hasn't been mown, the leak in the roof not fixed, the junk at the bottom of the garden not cleared, the dishes in the sink remain unwashed , the car not cleaned, blocked drains or the mouse droppings in the kitchen. No man ever apologises for anything he does and doesn't do. Why should he....when there's someone to pick up after him?

Lazy is as lazy does. If you love him or you're lazy yourself then I wish you much happiness together.
Me? I bailed out....laziness and me just don't get along!

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