Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Woman in Charge

The recent passing of Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor, is a sad loss. Not only to her family, friends and fans but as a role model for women of spirit and beauty. Beautiful women can often be dismissed as insecure airheads who constantly preen and pander themselves. Undoubtedly Ms Taylor had exquisite beauty and poise. She also possessed an entourage of minions who made her life comfortable together with an extensive wardrobe and opulent jewellery to match. This dame did nothing by halves!
Elizabeth: no shrinking violet

This also applied to her roll call of husbands. No where did she show her strength and single-mindedness more than in the arena of matrimony. Apart from one of her husbands who suffered an early demise, the rest she dismissed. Even the love of her life whom she married twice did not deter her from her trying to find the perfect match. Unlike many of us, she knew what she wanted and she knew what she didn't!

Following her death  no one who has a bad word to say about her. Carrie Fisher made a poignant tribute to her former stepmother: if my father had to divorce my mother for anyone then I'm grateful it was Elizabeth".
Such is the style of this woman whose children described her as "extraordinary".

Liz Taylor was a woman in charge. She was both powerful and fragile yet she was no man's plaything.
She was born to be an actress and nowhere did she play her part as well as in the greatest show on earth -
her life.
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