Friday, 8 April 2011

Living beyond your means

Living beyond your far as I'm the only way to live.This has less to do with the spending of money than the spending of our talents. Our talents and abilties define us and give us our "raison d'etre" but too often we hide our lights under a bushel! That's what I've been doing  and I'll bet you have too. As a result we are unspent, overly preserved, coddled, delicate and always saved for a rainy day......just like our best clothes, best china and toys. We keep the best for another day......the tomorrow that never comes.

Staying within our self-prescribed boundaries we feel is right. That's the way our parents brought us up, to mirror their values and insecurities. In spite of how damanging it is repeat the histories of our elders this is when we feel safest. Safe in our cocooned world we bypass changes and avoid testing our psychological mettle in case we fail. Failure means taking responsibility and that means we can't blame anyone for our errors - not even our parents!!   So our God given gifts remain unused and we pass from this life care worn (from looking after the needs of others whilst neglecting our own) but not fully worn out!

Living beyond your means....means....taking life by the heart. It's holding on for dear life when the storms and gales buffet our hearts until they are bloodied and bruised. This is when our talents are revealed and developed. Achievement lives in the Eden of our deepest dreams and desires but we eat from the forbidden tree and banish them to the darkest corners. Our aspirations ride like a herd of wild mustangs seeking new connections and pastures.

To live the dream we must work hard....but not with toil or sweat....but with unshakeable self-belief.  We must not see ourselves as we are but as we can be - powerfully confident and wholly courageous. Merely observing conventions will not take you to the land of living beyond. Not many of  us can go  if we have not been true to ourselves. Our inner critique works overtime to prevent us from reaching any of our goals. I know...because I've been crying for the moon....wishing for this and that...hoping and praying....wondering and sometimes worrying....but it's paid off....dreams do come alive when we focus our energies on them.

Living beyond....and surpassing.....and the work of spirit. Let your spirit be your ruler and your soul the driver. Dream big and live the richest life....use your potential and never undersell yourself.
Heaven is the life beyond that we all seek.



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