Friday, 29 April 2011

Every Marriage is Royal

A kiss is just a kiss

On the subject of marriage, I could easily be accused of being cynical given that my own had an unhappy demise. That is a misconception that any reader of my blogs may glean from my many rantings and anecdotes on this long established institution. I'm certainly not overcome with any regrets for terminating my own but, being a die-hard royalist, I've become unashamedly caught up in the international epidemic of wedding fever. I refer of course to the most talked about wedding since Prince Charles and Princess Diana.....which is....the nuptials of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Today they have been joined in matrimony and are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Until death us do part.....perhaps?
An intimate relationship is an adventure and as any adventurer will tell you a companion to share the highs and lows can be an asset. In the context of marriage it is an adventure fraught with no less danger. During the ceremony the Bishop of London mentioned that "every marriage is royal" and how right he is. Too often many of them are a right royal mess! 

Many a rampant believer in matrimony has jumped into it for reasons other than the creation of  an enduring love. When the truth eventually comes out, usually a quarter of a century and several children later, it's not pretty. Dishonesty and deceit have no place in a loving relationship and a marriage with such dishonorable foundations must flounder and falter. God's laws will not be trifled with!

A very modern love
The marriage vows are clear: in sickness, in poverty or worse and in wealth and good health. So why do a great many spouses feel as if they've been dealt a poor hand? Why does coupledom crumble? Why does God allow this if matrimony is a holy state? 

The way I see it is that matrimony is an abstract, divine state but humankind is  not .We are a dense mass of energy with spiritual amneisia. We do not know who we truly are and that's unholy.
Wills & Kate
Sometimes marriage can help us find ourselves and, by the same token, it can be the cause of  the loss of our true selves- our spirits may be crushed and defeated. The support we seek in our spouses is sadly lacking in our time of need. In terms of maturity we have a long way to go (no matter the dates of our birth!).

A healthy marriage consists of consciousness and compassion.  Consciousness enables good choices and compassion allows for true growth....even if it means the ending of the marriage. God, the king of our hearts, has created us for happiness, be that as a marital partner or as a happy divorcee. 
Today, the whole world rocks with joy for the royal newlyweds.

Long live love and long live William and Catherine!

Best of British luck!


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