Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A man is not a financial plan

Damsel no longer in distress

Women are natural entrepreneurs....if only they knew it! Marriage and motherhood certainly make them rise to the challenge of becoming more creative with money, time and energy.
However, women have been conditioned to think of themselves as inferior when it comes to being smart with their money.

Women have been budgeting for years. They usually manage to make ends meet to enjoy the simplicities as well as a few luxuries. We live in the age of opportunity. Our foremothers endured hardship and indignations to get us where we are today. Think of the suffragettes who chained themselves up until women were given the vote. Think of the innnovations of the industrial age that have removed the drudgery of housekeeping. There is true equality when we realise that a man can load (and empty) the dishwasher as well as we can!

Sadly, many women are still in the dark about their progress. Women still see a man as their financial crutch and what disappointment they set themselves up for. I was once such a woman who thought two incomes are better then one....not so! Having a husband/partner/sperm donor resulted in the accumalation of debts and dubious investments. Unbeknown to me, my life partner put me on financial death row - naievete costs! 

Rotten eggs?
Love is many splendoured thing and money was squandered on bling. Hubby thought he had me fooled since he saw himself as a financial plan - the little woman has no idea about numbers so I'll take care of it! Not surprisingly, many husbands wax lyrical about personal finance when the truth is that they are clueless. Their inflated egos make up for their lack of knowledge.

Women are not entirely blameless since they do not value themselves as the financial guru they are.
They rely on a man to control and dictate the family budget. In fact, some may confess to actually marrying for money and I have no problem with the truth....just the half truths!
Women who do so understand soon enough that they live in a gilded cage and they are robbed of their power. Decisions are made for them and not all of them good.

My advice is to aim for independence - financial independence. You may share your partner's good fortune but never take it for granted - the rug can be pulled out from under your feet anytime. 

A woman of substance buys her own house, car and jewellery.
A man's income may be great but his spirit of generosity quite poor. A man may accessorise your life but he must not take over. There's definitely no room for his ego in your wardrobe!



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