Wednesday, 4 May 2011

OBL....a testosterone licence to kill

The media interest in the recent capture and death of the infamous leader of Al-Quaeda leaves me wondering. I've written already about "the education of men" that manifests in the arms race, wars and acts of aggression. Men  just can't walk away from a fight or solve a problem by peaceful means. Of course sometimes it's necessary to go to war in order to keep the peace but it is still a negative option.

OBL was a man and the South East Asian sub-continent is populated by men since new born girls are mostly considered a burden and disposed of. Indian orphanages are full of girls..all of them unloved and unwanted except by the few benevolent souls that care for them.

Care and compassion have never been on top of the priority list for the leaders in our midst. Boardrooms as much as bedrooms are infected with so much testosterone that it is getting in the way of emotional intelligence. The  men who are in touch with their feelings are branded as homosexuals.
Kung-Fu fighting
I am not a hater of men; there are uses for them.  However the thrill of the chase and the eventual slaughter of the target (be it human or animal) leaves me with a sense of repugnance. CNN and many news networks are corporations of men. They dissect every last unpleasant detail of war and terror and filter the images into our homes.

The world is agog but it's a turn off for me.  Since I divorced the news junkie ex-husband I rarely watch bulletins. They fill me wth despair and I'm a happy soul. I refuse to be sucked into the melee of dirty politics and scare- mongering. We are being force fed a cultural diet of fear. I'm now a news anorexic and better for it.

OBL faces judgement day but I do not judge him. Terrorists do not work unaided....they have accomplices. One death will not make the world a safer place. As long as the people in power are men then the rivers of blood will never run dry.



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