Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Out-of-control spirit

Control is a funny thing; it renders one person a king and the other a puppet. Everyone, at some level, seeks control and it’s important to have some.

Being out of control, for the wrong reasons, can be hell but being out of someone’s control is heaven. That’s because spirit does not understand the need for walls and barriers. Spirit is a dove that flies free over our physical boundaries and nothing can contain it. Sometimes, when  things are going right, our consciousness soars and we feel powerful and boundless.

When things are not going so well, we feel as if we’ve been placed in a prison. Many prisons are of our own choosing and making…even the ones you think have nothing to do with you. Eminent psychoanalysts and past life regressionists claim that we have chosen the circumstances of our life and even the parents we’re born to. That’s a difficult concept to accept as we want to believe that we were innocent and helpless beings at our birth though, unbeknownst to us, a whole drama was unfolding with little old us, smack right in the middle of it.

The more I try to make sense of my existence, the more I see the highs and lows of my life as destiny. The higher power must have thought that landing me in the mud would teach me a thing or two. Yes it did and I’ve been trying to pull myself out of this sh** ever since I’ve become aware of it.

Awareness and maintaining focus are the hardest thing. Your inner voice never lies but your nearest and dearest will conspire to keep the truth from you.

Truth is a personal investment; don’t expect anyone to want to buy into it with you. Many people are in truth avoidance mode and they like it that way. Trouble is they expect you to be the same so when you speak out, make sure you’re wearing a bullet proof vest.

The truth is painful to swallow; many have got severe indigestion trying.  Lies are a subtle and not-so-subtle form of control. The liar tells you only what you need to know; sometimes it’s too little information and sometimes too much.  If you are close to this character and, since they’re amongst your closest family and friends you probably are, then it’s likely that your relationship is a negative one.

Control beefs up the ego of the controller. He is big; you are small. He is right and you are wrong. The reality is that this is a case of fifty plus shades of grey. Each viewpoint is valid but which one takes you nearer to expressing who you really are.

If you can stand up and shout out your heart’s desire, without fear of ramifications, then you are an out-of-control spirit. If you can’t, as fear and the thought of ridicule holds you back, then you are under someone else’s control.

When you decide to shake off your shackles and be the light that you know you are, then it’ll all be different. Life will seem less complex and you’ll appreciate the subtle nuances of personality and spirituality. Each spirit is unique and out-of-anyone’s-control.  If you find yours succumbing to the charms of an egotist, it’s time to say “goodbye. If you engage in battle with an egomaniac then I wish you luck; it’s going to be the mother of all fights….and it’s no easy victory.

Respect your adversary for he really believes his way is the right way and you ain’t gonna change his mind…but you can change your mind about him. The best option is to stay out of his control.

Be true to yourself and your inner dialogue. Stay out-of-control of others but in control of yourself. Don’t let your ego use arrogance as an excuse for feeling good. Feel good just because…..you don’t need a reason.

Be a queen in your heart and mind but let love and kindness be the dominant forces in your kingdom. Don’t make any one wrong so that you can be right. There’s no happily-ever-after though unless you make a fortress and and guard it well. If you’re ruling by example your subjects will  soon pick up the vibe of your free spirit. Freedom is precious and a responsibility. 

 Take care of your spirit; nurture it and keep it in good company. It is your life force and the holder of your deepest desires.

Out of control spirituality can be likened to an unbearable lightness of being; a sense that you’re floating in the seas of your own tried and tested self-knowledge. You trust yourself and you know that whatever life throws at you, you’ll cope.  Most people never experience that kind of joy and that’s a sure sign that they haven’t spent time alone with themselves. It’d be a revelation (not a fright) if they did.

 Many people feel like their spirit has been buried under the dust layers of their physical life. Blow away the cobwebs, let your light shine, and stay, gloriously, out of control!