Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Skin We Live In

I’m one in a many of the hued  people of that walk this earth. If I’d had to choose a colour to wear, this would have been my colour of choice. I don’t have to chase after the sun but my skin needs nutrients.  Genetically my blood hungers for the vitamin warmth that my ancestors enjoyed.

My skin has travelled far from its land of heritage and become more comfortable out of it’s natural comfort zone. My skin has been stretched and even slightly abused over the years. From the supple and fresh yards it used to be it is now a little worn at the edges and in need of elastic in places to hold it up!

Skin is a living organism and its subtle changes over the years have not been lost on me. Had I been a more skilled potter I would have moulded the languid yards into a sun kissed beach body. I’m tactile so my skin loves a good rub down, to be pummelled and pressed by firm hands.

My skin’s been in a few tight spots in its time – crowded trains, lifts, miniscule airplane seats. It has struggled to find breathing space and mountain fresh air in this polluted world I dwell in. My skin has been city-proofed as it’s not long out of the toxic fumes.

Skin works with gravity and any largesse will travel south so my couture has had to expand to accommodate it. I’ve exercised, watered and fed my skin but sugar coated cravings have prevented it looking its best at all times. My weak will has interfered with my skin’s condition and for that there’s no excuse.

Youth rarely appreciates the mass that houses bones, vital organs and soul. It’s a grand design by a magnificent creator or naturally selected according to evolution. But I haven’t always valued the gift. In the past, I’ve wanted it to be a different colour,  less lumpy, more silky and as fresh as a peach.

My skin loves sleep, relaxation, water and air but my lifestyle has not catered for it. Marriage, motherhood and earning a living to have a life has worn it out. I’ve suffered from insomnia and the skin around my eyes knows it! When I’ve not kept my skin in good company, it’s taken a toll on my heart and soul. When my skin’s not hydrated, my nerves feel shot through!

Lotions and potions loaded with chemicals are not healthy for skin and don’t stem the ageing process. When skin absorbs toxins, it disrupts the intricate workings (and playing!) of its internal organs. Contaminated skin cannot make sweet music and dulcet tones are vital for the skin to have its sensations.

However, skin can be enhanced and there’s no shortage of cosmetic manufacturers scrabbling to persuade us to daub ourselves with eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, blusher, liner, foundation and conealer – whew! It’s a pore clogging recipe that we’re sold on and feel better with the war paint on…than off!

Our skins are masques that we wear in the costume ball that is our life. The skin we appear in is known affectionately as our “birthday suits” and, over the years, acquires a good few creases that aren’t easily ironed out.

Adventurous and sporty skins find that their precious layers are susceptible to abrasions and gashes. The more sedentary find that their skins need a good workout for the red stuff in their veins to release adrenaline.

Placing your skin into a potentially hazardous situation is not advisable but it’s unavoidable. When skin gets bruised, burnt or even smashed it can be the one time you know what it means to be alive. Being alive and feeling pain is a constant of the human experience.

Skin to skin sensations are necessary for maintaning a healthy equilibrium but some skins have been under psychological attack. It’s not the skin you live in you have to fear but the skin you live with. All skins are not inhabited by kindly souls! 

When two skins live in harmony then optimum health is achieved – good mental health is a valuable asset and it’s needed for the proper care and feeding of your epidermis. If you want your skin to thrive then educate yourself.

So what happens when you choose the wrong skin to live with? Dysfunctions ensue and your skin suffers.

Skin is me and me is skin. It’s the upholstery of my soul and it’s seamless so I’ve got to protect and love it.

I’m now in the fortunate position of appreciating the skin I’m in but age and adversity have left their mark . I’m now looking after number 1 - my epidermis is epic-  and that’s more than skin deep!