Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Money is the route to all happiness!

Money is a great enabler; it allows people to come together in ways that might not otherwise be possible. Money is vital if you need to throw a party….it keeps the conversation and the drinks flowing. 

It brings people together – the chattering classes – to dress up and make a show of themselves and their proud achievements – a new Mercedes with  personalized number plates, a stunning designer outfit with matching Michael Kors handbag and the all important plus one arm candy. 

The well dressed man or woman is nothing without his/her entourage of people pleasers. They smile, air kiss and show off a dazzling set of porcelain veneers. Money talks, struts its stuff and shakes it’s little tush!

Money is also a great disabler. It can tear your relationships apart. You don’t need to look further for evidence than the experiences of recent lottery winners. Most couples who win in excess of $ 20 million find themselves going their separate ways post winning. This is because a sudden  large cash injection forces a relationship reality check – Are we happy? Can we be happier? Is this the happiest we’ve ever been?

Money can’t answer any of the deeper questions of life. Money just provides temporary respite from the personal ethical dilemmas that we wrestle with day by day. Exotic travel is an antidote to the “same old routine” syndrome and travel, unburdens the mind and broadens the waistline. Your lump sum will have you looking more like a lump (of lard) since there’ no need to scrimp on food, drink, houses, cars or much else. Yes, you can show frugality the door and even shove it through the window!!

This is where it gets dicey. If you’re conservative by nature then you’ll find yourself wanting to bury your new found fortune in a hole to keep it safe. Misers will have the hardest time of all since they’re not good spirited enough to divide and share. Bon viveurs will hire a cruise ship and invite all of their family and friends for the largest non-stop party at sea. Afterwards they might regret it once squabbles and spats ensue as hangovers kick in.

Money is a friend to the generous  – those whose pockets and hearts are deep – in good times or bad. When you can make a mental list of the people and charities that could use a few hand-ups then money is not the root of evil. Money in the hands of the principled people of integrity and wisdom  is a win-win situation for giver and receiver. Hearts are warmed as love is shared in a myriad of thoughtful ways – from a surprise bouquet of favourite flowers to buying a new kitchen or paying off a mortgage or two.

Money does not have to control you if you’re in control of yourself. When you lack focus and discipline money is a dangerous playmate! Financial independence is a worthy goal though too often it can lead us on to selfish paths. Money is as destructive as it is productive and it is no respecter of good character. 

Money does not often fall into the hands of the kind, compassionate, gentle or well balanced individuals. Those souls are often destined to be on the wrong side of the coin and their fate is to gaze and sigh as they watch the “lucky ones” fritter it away.

Those of you who’ve just emerged from a tight (not white!) Christmas secretly long for a windfall to chase away the January blues and to allow a spree in the New Year sales. Money can make a lot of dreams come true but it can also birth as many miseries. 

If your glass is half full (and mine is!) so is your bank balance but a new year is a time for improvement. Whatever money is, I want more of it so that I can put it to some good use. For many years, I didn't concentrate on it as much as I should have, so I want money on my team in 2014. 

So as we grow in spirit, let’s also grow in wealth…being rich is not just about money…. but it sure helps lighten some of life’s loads….and I'd like to find a clearer route to a happier new me!!



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